Software’s Social Impact: Embarking on the Walkthrough to Social Sustainability in Organizations

Join us for an online seminar to be help by Ana Carolina Moises De Souza about the above topic as part of our NTNU-NAV-HMN collaboration program. More information about time and place below.

Time: 30. November 2023 14.00 Norway local time.

Place: Zoom (contact Babak for a link)

Your software is good, but does it do good? Ensuring that your software not only performs well but also has a positive impact on society is a critical consideration for organizations committed to sustainability. To assist software organizations in navigating this challenge and addressing social sustainability concerns, we propose a walkthrough. This step-by-step guide empowers software practitioners to choose which initiatives to follow and at what level to incorporate social aspects into their software. By doing so, organizations can begin to assess and integrate social sustainability into their software development practices. This approach enables the reporting of software development practices that target social issues in corporate social responsibility reports, demonstrating a commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.