The Impact of Digital Transformation on Social Sustainability

Join us in an exciting online seminar to be held by Ilaria Crivellari and Charlotte Husom Grøder as part of our NTNU-NAV-HMN collaboration program. Information about how to join below.

Time: 30. November 2023 14.00 Norway local time.

Place: Zoom (contact Babak for a link)

Digital transformation (DT) in the public sector impacts social sustainability for citizens and social workers. In this presentation, we will focus on social workers’ side. First, we will show some of the findings of a literature review on social sustainability in the public sector’s digital transformation, emphasizing how DT impacts social workers. Secondly, we will discuss our fieldwork at the local NAV office, which concentrates on understanding how DT affects social workers‘ practices, how they adapt them to ensure a sustainable service for citizens, and on visions for AI.