A list of projects our group is or has been involved in.

SPARK (2022-2025)SPARK (Stalwart Public Agile Renaissance for Knowledge age) is about creating knowledge about how public sector can achieve agile transformation in a sustainable way to create public value.IDI.
SustainDiT (2022-2026)SustainDiT (Sustainable Digital Transformation) is about how digital technologies affect social sustainability. Michaela’s PhD is funded by SustainDiT.NTNU Bærekraft.
PlatVel (2019-2026)PlatVel does research on a large implementation project called Helseplattformen in the region of Central Norway. Hamid and Nora do their PhD-projects as part of PlatVel (Hamid’s PhD is funded by PlatVel). Sajid’s Postdoc is also funded by PlatVel.NTNU Health.
Forsknings-samarbeid med NAV og NTNU (2018-2025)This is not a research project but a collaboration and community building initiative involving NAV, Helse-Midt and NTNU. Babak is the coordinator for the part on digital transformation. Tangni’s Postdoc is partly funded by this initiative.NAV-HMN-samarbeidet.