Seminar on Sustainable Digital Transformations 2024

Date to be decided in November.

This is the second in our series of seminars on the topic. In this blog post you can find a summary of last year’s seminar.

Presentations should be in English or Scandinavian and be at most 10 minutes long. A short abstract containing two or three sentences should be sent to Tangni Cunningham Dahl-Jorgensen by the 27th of October.

This year’s theme is New approaches to sustainable service innovation – How to apply new technologies and design methods.

New collaborative and interdisciplinary research approaches are needed based on the emergence and scaling up of digital solutions in providing social services. With the introduction of new technology transforming the nature of public encounters, the role of practitioners and public organizations is redefined in ways that require new approaches for collaborating across sectors and disciplines. These approaches include new methods for designing digital solutions and services (e.g., sustainable design, agile, or user-centered design), employing new forms of technology (e.g., chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality), and creating sustainable solutions. 

As an early-career researcher, we invite you to give a short presentation on preliminary findings or research interests for an audience consisting of peers and social service practitioners. The presentations should provide a starting point for discussions on new design methods or technologies in which all seminar participants can participate, facilitating further collaboration between researchers and practitioners. 

This year’s seminar is a collaboration between NTNU+NAV+HMN collaboration program, the project SustainDiT (Sustainable Digital Transformations), which is part of NTNU Sustainability, and NTNU Digital’s Center for Sustainable ICT, CESICT. [TD1] The seminar will have both Norwegian and international participants.

Preliminary program

A more detailed program and registration will be shared at the end of October.

09:0009:30Registration and coffeeAuditorium
09:3009:45Welcome + idea cardsAuditorium
09:4510:455 presentations *Auditorium
11:0012:005 presentationsAuditorium
13:0013:15Describe the game **Auditorium
13:1514:30Developing a proposalGroup rooms
14:4515:15Presentation ***Auditorium
15:4516:15Prize and summaryAuditorium

Organizing committee

Tangni Dahl-Jørgensen (contact person), Alexander Joco, Morteza Moalagh, Micheala Schmidt, Babak Farshchian, and Parastoo Mohagheghi