January 2024 (to be announced)PhysicalSeminar on Sustainable Digital Transformations.MultipleCollaboration between our NTNU-NAV-HMN initiative and project SustainDiT.
2. October 2023OnlineAutonomy versus user needs in agile product teams.Morteza Moalath.Part of our NAV-NTNU-HMN research collaboration.
6. June 2023PhysicalDigital public encountersWorkshop participants.Part of the ECSCW 2023 conference.
5-9. June 2023PhysicalECSCW 2023.Multiple.Our group was heavily involved in organizing this year’s ECSCW conference in Trondheim.
15. January 2023PhysicalSeminar with Hilda Tellio─člu on design games.Hilda and several others from DigiPubsHilda visited Trondheim during this week and we had the pleasure to listen to her lecture and have her participate in an interactive seminar.
1. November 2022PhysicalSustainable digital transformationsMultipleCollaboration between our NTNU-NAV-HMN initiative and project SustainDiT.
31. May 2022PhysicalDoes Frida have warm hands?Babak FarshchianPresented at St. Olavs Hospital as part of yearly seminar on healthcare and labor.
22. June 2021Online Digital platforms in the public sectorSyed Sajid Hussain ShahSajid is our new ERCIM post doc. He is doing a literature study on the topic.
2. June 2021OnlinePlatVel SeminarMultiple. In collaboration with the PlatVel project. Click on seminar title to see more. This seminar will be mainly in Norwegian with some English presentations.

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